The Maryse and Ramzy Mikhail Memorial Lecture

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Welcome to the online home of the Maryse and Ramzy Mikhail Memorial Lecture!

The Mikhail Memorial Lecture is an annual event made possible through the Maryse and Ramzy Mikhail Endowment Fund at the University of Toledo, established in June, 2000, by the Mikhail family.

The purpose of the fund is to support an annual lecture dealing with “Arab culture, literature, history, politics, economics or other broadly defined aspects of life in the countries of the Middle East, including issues of peace and justice.”  Additionally, the fund may be used for awarding prizes for competitively written essays, scholarships to university students, or the acquisition of specialized educational materials. Support of other scholarly endeavors dealing with the above topics and endorsed by the Mikhail Fund Advisory Committee is also possible.

The inaugural lecture was given in March, 2001 by internationally renowned scholar and activist Noam Chomsky. Subsequent lectures have featured authorities on religion, law, literature, politics, culture, economics, and peace and justice issues.

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