Previous Lectures

2021Noura Erakat

“We Broke A Dam: The Palestinian Intifada of Unity”

2020- Laila Lalami

“Memory and Erasure: An Evening with Laila Lalami”

2019Phyllis Bennis

“National Security and the Climate”

2018Mohja Kahf

“I Want Milk, I Want Honey! An Afternoon of Poetry with Mohja Kahf”

2017–  Neal Katyal

“The President and the Courts in National Security Cases”

2016–  Laila El-Haddad

“Food as Lens: Cuisine, Resistance, and Remembrance in Palestine”

2015–  Thomas Abowd

“Jerusalem and the Prospects for Peace in Palestine/Israel”

2014Lila Abu Lughod

“Do Muslim Women Need Saving?”

2013Juan Cole

“Youth Movements and the Arab Revolutions”

2012Jack Shaheen

“Images of Arabs and Muslims in Popular Culture: Problems and Prospects”

2011Gwynne Dyer

“The New Middle East: Nonviolence and Democracy”

2010Saree Makdisi

“Paths to Peace in Palestine/Israel”

2009- Rahim al-Haj

an Evening of Music with Rahim AlHajj (with discussion moderated by Dr. Loren Lybarger)

2008- James Zogby

” The Stakes Have Never Been Higher: U.S. Middle East Policy and the 2008 Elections”

2007- Hon. Marcy Kaptur

“Moving Toward Stability and Democracy in the Middle East”

2006Kathy Kelly

An Afternoon with Kathy Kelly

2005Robert Mabro

“The economics and politics of oil”

2004Naomi Shihab Nye

An Afternoon of Poetry

2003- David Cole

“Enemy Aliens and American Freedoms”

2002John Esposito

“What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam”

2001- Noam Chomsky

“Prospects for Peace in the Middle East”